Prior to November 2018, ioneer Ltd was known as Global Geoscience Limited.

Global Geoscience listed on the ASX in 2007 and one of the founders was current ioneer Managing Director Bernard Rowe.

The focus of Global Geoscience was to apply geological science and theory towards making a major greenfield mineral discovery.

Primarily exploring in and around Nevada, Global Geoscience entered into several exploration partnerships with major mining companies.

The Company's strong reputation led to prospectors bringing a little-known lithium-boron project in southern Nevada to Mr Rowe in early 2016.

He recognised that Rhyolite Ridge mineralogy was fundamentally different than other known sedimentary lithium deposits. At Rhyolite Ridge two thick sedimentary layers contain lithium and high-grade boron, and very little clay. This critical difference is why Rhyolite Ridge will become the lowest cost source of lithium in the world.

Since securing ownership of Rhyolite Ridge Lithium-Boron Project in 2016 and fully committing the company to its development, the name Global Geoscience no longer reflected the company’s purpose. The Company believes ioneer ltd reflects its new focus and commitment to becoming an important producer of the materials necessary for a sustainable future.

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