Vision and Mission Statement

Our focus


We exist to enable a sustainable world for all.


We responsibly and profitably provide the materials necessary for realising a sustainable planet.


We see a world in which our global population, our environment and all future generations are thriving.


We are imaginative, caring, committed and responsible.


What we believe

  • We believe that every individual is entitled to affordable, clean energy.
  • We have a responsibility to be custodians of our planet.
  • What we do today will have consequences for decades to come.
  • Doing good is the right thing to do.
    Intentions are easy to spot.
  • We thrive when we are helping others to thrive.

How we act

  • We recognise each of our actions has implications.
  • We put our imaginations to work in service of better energy solutions.
  • We know our reputation is on the line every day.
  • We work for what is in the best interest of all.
  • We strive to make our actions match our words.
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