Ready to change the world?

That question is not asked in vain. Ioneer is pioneering where and how our earth’s ions are resourced for a sustainable and bright future. This dedication drives us to be leaders in a new era of mining.

Ready to work for a company with a strong moral compass?

We take safety, environmental stewardship, community relations and operational excellence very seriously. We believe that what we leave behind tells the story of who we were and what we stood for. We are committed to doing the right things in the right ways.

Ready to experience a people first culture?

Building upon our values of being an imaginative, caring, committed and responsible company, at Ioneer we strive to be a generational employer creating a workplace atmosphere of collaboration that achieves exceptional outcomes.

Ready to be heard, seen, and appreciated for what you do?

Ioneer’s leadership team is committed to developing a workplace exemplifying mutual respect, inclusive of differences, fairness, openness, opportunity, responsibility, accountability, and a shared alignment where individual and team successes are rewarded and celebrated.

Ready to solve one of humanities biggest problems?

As one of the first Lithium mines in the United States, Ioneer is playing a major role in the advancement of electric vehicles. We have a fierce dedication and a pioneering spirit to what we do. We believe that by responsibly and profitably providing the materials our society needs, we will help play a critical role in building a much more sustainable planet.

If you answered yes to the questions above, you might just be the person we are looking for.

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Current Job Opportunities

Environmental Permitting Manager


  • Develops and executes plans and activities that are aligned with the business direction to obtain necessary State and Federal permits that may require revisions for operations previously permitted or to gain new permits for future operations envisioned. This primarily involves Job responsibilities include leading and preparing proposals, overseeing the preparation of environmental impact analysis documents and related technical studies and developing permit applications, managing projects, and supervising staff.
  • By executing plans and activities the role manages significant external consultant spend and is responsible for keeping permit activities completed in a timely manner to meet ioneer operational requirements.

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