Rhyolite Ridge has excellent potential to become a strategic, long-life and low-cost source of both lithium and boron.

Lithium carbonate and boric acid are planned to produced at the mine site. The revenue split betweeen these two products is forecast to be between 60%/40% and 70%/30% (lithium carbonate / boric acid) depending on the assumed prices.

There is also strong potential to produce lithium hydroxide at the mine site. Metallurgical testwork to determine the best route to producing lithium hydroxide at Rhyolite Ridge will be undertaken as part of the Definitive Feasibility Study.

Demand for lithium carbonate is forecast to at least double over the coming five years due to strongly growing demand for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles. 

Boric acid demand is forecast to steadily increase at slightly more than global GDP growth rates due to its many uses being integral to various aspects of modern life and being an essential ingredient in many new products each year.

Rhyolite Ridge is uniquely placed to supply these materials necessary for a sustainable and thriving planet.