Ioneer is committed to making a positive impact on the global environment and that starts with the support of the local community.

We have solicited feedback and provided updates to the community on a regular basis as the project has progressed. We also have worked closely with regulators regarding the socio-economic studies required for permitting projects on land administered by the BLM.

Tribal Nations

Ioneer is committed to responsible development that is protective of the environment and respectful of the views of Tribal Nations. Ioneer have conducted direct outreach to better understand matters of cultural sensitivity and to explore opportunities to partner with tribes in the clean energy market to further tribal sovereignty and economic growth.

Fish Lake Valley Community

Ioneer has had a presence in the region for over a decade. For the past three years, Ioneer has hosted regular meetings with the Fish Lake Valley community, provided updates at County Commissioner meetings, and established other, less formal channels to receive feedback and provide project updates.

The Rhyolite Ridge Project will generate considerable economic impact within the regional community by generating millions of dollars in revenues for local governments and the state of Nevada. It will create jobs both from direct employment and indirectly through local businesses that will provide products and services at Rhyolite Ridge.

In April 2020, Applied Analysis issued an economic impact study related to the Rhyolite Ridge Project. View the full report here. Key findings from the study are below.

Construction period economic impact – $130 million over two years

  • Construction of the Rhyolite Ridge Project is expected to take two years. The combined value of all spending as a result of the project’s construction (i.e., economic output) is estimated to range from $68 million to $217 million.
  • Given direct and indirect economic benefits of the project, for every dollar spent in the local economy on the development of the Project, a total of $1.99 in economic activity benefits the community as a whole.
  • Over the expected construction period, using a median case scenario Applied Analysis calculates the creation of 946 person-years of employment, or about 473 construction jobs per year. This will result in over $60 million in wages and salaries, and an overall economic output of over $130 million.

Ongoing operations economic impact – $579 million per year

  • Once the Rhyolite Ridge project is operational, the same study projects that Rhyolite Ridge will directly employ 284 persons per year, for a total of nearly $40 million dollars in annual wages (average total compensation of $140,727 per job).
  • Additionally, nearly 681 indirect jobs are projected to be supported through purchases of supplies for the project, generating an additional $40.9 million in annual wages.
  • Further, local spending from both direct and indirect employees is expected to support an additional 381 jobs per year across the region.

Increased revenue for local governments

  • During the construction phase of Rhyolite Ridge, the Applied Analysis report projects that the Project will contribute approximately $22.5 million in sales and use taxes to benefit local and state governments using its median case assumptions.
  • Once in operation, the Project will generate approximately $22 million annually in fiscal revenue for state and local governments through 1) Nevada net proceeds of minerals taxes, 2) sales and use taxes, 3) property taxes, 4) modified business taxes, 5) commerce taxes and 6) regulatory fees. This estimate is also calculated by Applied Analysis using its median case assumptions.

Social and charitable support for the community

  • The investment by Ioneer in the local community goes beyond jobs and broader economic impact: we have been, and plan to continue to be an active participant in the community by supporting local causes. This includes the annual Ioneer Sustainable World Scholarship – which is awarded to Tonopah High School seniors pursuing higher education in Engineering, Science and/or Mining.
  • Total charitable investments in the community are expected to range between $100,000 and $250,000 during operations.
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