The Rhyolite Ridge Lithium-Boron Project provides a substantial foundation for ioneer to become a responsible and profitable producer of the materials necessary for a sustainable future.

Rhyolite Ridge is a large, shallow lithium-boron deposit located close to existing infrastructure in southern Nevada, USA and owned 100% by ioneer.

Completed in October 2018, the Rhyolite Ridge Pre-Feasibility Study confirmed the project’s strong potential to become a cost-competitive, major producer of lithium carbonate and boric acid.


Nevada map

The Project is located:

  • 25km west of Albemarle’s Silver Peak lithium mine;
  • 330km southeast of the Tesla Gigafactory near Reno;
  • 530km north of Los Angeles;
  • in Esmeralda County - the most sparsely populated county in Nevada;
  • on Federal (Bureau of Land Management) land at an altitude of approximately 1,800m; and
  • in uninhabited semi-arid desert with annual rainfall averaging 10mm.

Lithium and boron can be readily leached from the Rhyolite Ridge host rock using dilute sulphuric acid, which differentiates Rhyolite Ridge from other sediment-hosted lithium deposits. This is due to the low-clay, low-carbonate and high-searlesite (boron) content of the rock.

The Rhyolite Ridge Mineral Resource contains a total of 4.1 million tonnes of lithium carbonate and 10.9 million tonnes of boric acid. Further drilling is likely to increase this resource as the estimate is for less than 20% of the area of the two prospective basins at Rhyolite Ridge.


Large deposit

Long mine life, expandable

Shallow, thick & flat lying

Open pit mining, low strip ratio

Soft ore and waste rock

Low-cost mining and milling

Amenable to heap/vat leaching

No roasting or new technology

High recoveries with low acid consumption

Low-cost processing

Lithium and boron products

Two revenue streams

Other key advantages

  • Nevada location:
    • one of the world’s most favourable and stable mining jurisdictions
    • home to the USA’s burgeoning electric vehicle industry
    • well-developed infrastructure and skilled mining workforce
  • Simple ownership – 100% ioneer with no private royalties
  • Management and technical team with proven track record in the development and delivery of lithium and boron mines
  • Ideally positioned to supply the lithium and boron markets in the USA and Asia
  • Potential long-term US domestic supplier of lithium – a designated critical mineral 
Rhyolite ridge

Rhyolite Ridge is likely to produce lithium carbonate and boric acid for many years to come.

Rhyolite Ridge