The name ioneer is derived from the combination of ion and pioneer, reflecting our aim to be pioneers in producing the materials for a sustainable future.

Our diverse team brings experts from the mining, finance and energy industries who are keen to contribute their talents towards a future where the environment and people are thriving.

Lithium and boron are both used in a diverse range of everyday items and innovative technologies that help make modern life work.

Demand is increasing as more people enjoy the benefits of modern technologies and cleaner, and more efficient sources of energy are developed.

Lithium in lithium-ion batteries is integral to electric vehicles rapidly becoming better and more economic than internal combustion vehicles. Boric acid is integral to a very wide range of consumer and industrial products like high-performance glass and ceramics that make modern life possible. Lithium and boron are critical components of many of these products as they are generally not substitutable.

We are determined to build a corporate culture that reflects our values of being imaginative, caring, committed and responsible.

We are ioneer - a group intent on pioneering the production of materials necessary for a sustainable future.

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